hearting – because my profession is my passion

Hearting also the anagram of my name, Rita Hering. I am a BTEC Level 3 qualified Aesthetic therapist and Permanent makeup technician with over 20 years experience in the beauty industry. I was 12 when I first experienced the charm and femininity of a beauty salon which captured me for life. After obtaining A Level in Hungary, I studied skin and beauty therapy in college for two years and worked alongside a master Aesthetic therapist to gain as much experience as I could. After I received my Beauty qualification in 1996, I felt absolutely ready to dive into the world of Beauty business on my own and run my salon until I moved to the UK in 2015.

I first encountered Permanent makeup in 1998, when one of my senior therapist colleagues went on to a training course and asked me to be her model. And I loved the long lasting result and the fact, that I did’n need to maintain my makeup throughout the day and it was ready even for a night-out. This led me to gain my Permanent makeup qualification. During the years I have continued my learning by attending lots of ongoing training courses so I can provide the best service to my Clients.

In all areas of life, including work, I strive for naturalism in all circumstances. I do believe that less is more, and we all deserve the best, to be happy, satisfied and beautiful. 

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