Lip blush and full lip colouring

It is one by a digital machine.

Natural lips can get more defined with a Lip blush, whereas full pigmentation gives the lips a luscious 3D effect. We all get discolouration and deforming of outline of our lips due to aging, lip fillers, or scars causeb by cold sores. Lip micropigmentation enhances and corrects the shape and uneven lip lines.

Last: 2-3 years.
Time: 2-2.5 hrs
Healed result: After 4-5 weeks
Pain Level: Minimal, although everyone has different pain threshold. 


Lip blush & Full lip colouring


Colour boost up to 2 years £160
PMU prices include 1 Free Follow up session within 12 weeks.

After one session of Colour boost you earn a 10% of discount on any PMU 

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